I just can't tell anymore. I mean, should I be dressing up for Halloween? I used to join in the fun for the seven years I was involved with an elementary school, but what is my motivation these days?

This weekend Chup and I went shopping for new pillows (yes! new pillows I lovest thou you and you lovest my neck and head spots) where we ran into many adults wearing costumes. One man was a pirate. He even had a hook-hand, and here is the secret (I think it was real!) Another woman was something that couldn't be determined (much less described) but she was trying so hard with ratted hair and crazy ripped clothes, that I told her "Great costume!" and she looked terribly embarrassed. I say that because her face was painted white and after my comment it was a shade of pink.

You see, that is my problem. As adults we can get all dressed-up, look wonderful, but we never quite get into the part. We think, This is really silly, and these tights are itchy and I hope my neighbor doesn't see me. I remember being Juliet in the fifth grade and I really was Juliet. I even had an accent and spoke in Shakespearean terminology (as I still do occasionally. See my comment on pillows above.) But I couldn't do Juliet justice today, I have lost that sense of adventure. And when I do see adults in-character on Halloween I think it's the creepiest thing of all.

Also as I have aged I have accumulated Halloween costumes pet-peeves. I think costumes should be scary. Not sexual. NOT NOT NOT store bought. I hate masks (terrorist threat), cross dressing and Disney characters. After all, this is Halloween not Free Advertisement Day.

So what is the verdict?

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