Picture This!

Yesterday at lunch as I was sitting around bragging about my husband's photography, I decided to make good and display some of his recent work. These are from the Fourth of July parade along Center Street in Provo.

Kentucky, Phun and MD
Hazel, Parley and Mom (Jayne)

Creative use of the shutter speed

Red, white and blue

Free Photo

Nice way to cruise the parade . . . for both riders
Later at the family bbq the boys were launching water balloons into the eating area. This is the best action shot, I love how the boys are all crouched down waiting for the after-math.
By-the-way, this balloon was headed for my bosoms . . .
and made its target.

Not funny.

Also: lunch was fabulous with creative, intelligent, funny, old and new beautiful friends! Thanks Lindsey, Jenn, Kiki, Azucar, Jessica, Tiffany , Auntie and children!

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