Ode to Chup

Oh great wizard of technology,
oh fine connoisseur of
fine food,
oh esteemed actor and best friend of LaVell
oh fun and devilish toy collector,
oh tough
critic of movies,
oh lover of fast things,
oh devoted
and passionate husband of my lovely daughter,
favorite son-in-law (it says so on my computer)
I wish
you a Happy Birthday!
I will not and cannot call you
Chup--I don't really know what that means and I gather it is a term of endearment from your wife, but Christopher, of all the accolades that have been and will be said about you I can only add my appreciation for making CJane a happy woman.
You lived across the
street on Fir Avenue for YEARS and I paid you no heed.
You were a good friend of Topher's for years and I
paid you no heed.
You starred in BYU plays for years and I paid you no heed.
But when you stole my little
girl's heart, THEN I paid you some heed.
Bless you.
I love you and thank you for your time and devotion to
ALL of us in the family--young to old, girl to boy, and particularly your kind connection to Stever.
Have a wonderful birthday completely absorbed in all your wonderful passions!


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