La Gala

Every year Topher and Lisa host the Clark Freedom Gala in their backyard. All of my siblings and their spouses come, as well as mom and dad and sometimes a special musical guest. On this night we gather to eat Lisa's divine culinary spread (bruchetta with goat cheese and pears) and celebrate people in our family who have done remarkable things in the past year as citizens. This year our Human Spirit Award winners were Andrew and Lucy Beesley (for getting married) Jesse Clark (for winning the Riverside Golf Club Championship amongst other things) and my own Chup (because I extra special love him.) I get to write a short essay for each winner and present them on stage. It's awesome.

Tonight, after the awards, Topher performed a very special musical number about all the fine products in our 50 States (potatoes from Idah0, minnows from Minnowsota) Do you know what was special about Utah? Youtah! Utah has YOU! YOU
are the fine product! Do YOU get it? Shortly thereafter, we dived into the desserts (a la Azucar!) raspberry torte, apricot pie and hazelnut dark chocolate mousse. And Andrew let off the illegal fireworks that lit up the Provo sky. Man I love this country. Please pass more of America!

Origami Eagles!

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