I Made It and How

Well Brothers and Sisters it takes a village.
I had a marvelous time at Girls Camp last week and here is why:

  • This friend was with me the whole week. (Maykiller, I am your loyal fan!)
  • This darling brought me treats, trail mix in a really cute tin and pita chips throughout the week and sang her own modesty-themed version of Little Mermaid ("What's that word again? Sleeeeeeeves!")
  • This neighbor checked in on me daily and even tried my Alba chapstick and looked gorge with red stained lips.
  • My sister Lucy came up one day and gave me the one thing I needed most: a hug.
  • I taught the girls Silent Football, it kept them well-occupied:

  • This chef whipped up a dutch-oven dinner for us one night and included a special vegetarian skillet. Also, he didn't pressure me into having ice cream on my peach cobbler.
  • This homebound woman sent word with her husband that she "missed me."
  • This lady let me smell her clean fruity hair when she came up to camp on the second-to-last day.
  • One YW let May and I on a secret that if we hiked to the top of the ridge we'd have cell service. We totally phoned home.
  • Brother and Sister B. slipped me a Coke hidden inside a quilt.
  • An attempt at playing this game.
  • A delicious choc-o-late delivery to me that this babe sent from the other side of the pond.
  • A gorgeous campsite:
  • A husband who drove up to camp bright-and-early on Saturday morning with a cooler full of lime and lemon Perriers, Lindt Dark Chocolates and a slightly chilled bag of Fritos for his wifey.
  • Two camp leaders who specialties were in crafts and scones, two of my weaknesses.
  • Sister G. from the Stake whom I adore in a very adoring way.
  • A facial tan with a slight sunglasses-induced case of raccoon eyes.
  • And the girls.


  • When I came home Sister H. sent her daughters over with fresh crescent rolls in a white paper bag decorated like a bunny.

I think I might go again next year . . . but I am making no promises.

Thanks village.

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