Because of Me

Ex-comp Heather

Today was sad on account of Christian packing up his Navigator with my sister Stephanie, Claire, Jane, Oliver and Nicholas inside, and drove his family back to Arizona where they (sorta) belong.

I hate when sisters leave me.

With nothing to be done, Chup and I took a lovely Sunday drive to retrieve my long lost camera (I left it at the Segullah writers retreat) from Ex-comp Heather's parent's place. When the camera was safely in my hands, I looked to see that my Segullah sisters had taken mugs of themselves, purely for my enjoyment, while my camera was MIA. Feeling lonely, I could almost hear their messages to me.





Feeling much better, Chup took me to a hidden park where I took more of my own pictures.

My Rocky Mountain sky


Myself, again

Then I called Chup over for a picture of the both of us.
After I took the shot, I looked in the view-finder and exclaimed:

But at least Chup will never leave me.

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