Sorta Happy Trails at Segullah

3.) Clearly summer is half way over and I still haven't located, purchased and adorned the "perfect yellow dress" that I have been searching for since February. I am very serious about needs to be a golden shade of yellow, watch the cleavage coverage, and for the love of my biceps, it has to have some form of sleeves. Chup bought a sowing machine last month and I have been wondering if it is socially acceptable for me to ask my husband to whip me up a dress from a pattern. I don't know. He might have to get a tattoo first just to prove his manhood. Anyway, should you know just where I can look (this is serious) e-mail me at

2.) This is BIG NEWS, I have decided to reply to all in-coming my Guestbook Commenters, which means, that if you leave me a Guestbook message I will reply in REAL TIME. It's like RAD all the time. I already started by replying to one Mrs. Paige Jones, the younger sister to one Phat Daddy formerly of Boston who taught me a thing or two about RAP music. Anyway, I hope that we can all form a big bond of community here on Besides, don't you want a little love note every once in a while?

1.) Please be a pal and go to Segullah today. I haven't posted there in awhile and I am feeling insecure. I am also feeling nervous for another reason....FIND OUT ALL ABOUT IT BY CLICKING YOUR CLICKER HERE!

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