A Letter from a Desperate Blogging Housewife

I know! I know! c jane doesn't post on weekends (but I do! When I want to!) and so here I am on a very tiring Saturday night, chatting with Azucar via internet lobes as she also chats with Tif-fay-fay in London town.

But anyway, I felt a new emotion today that I can't--for the sweet life of me--describe. It was like a cookie dough--lots of anxiety mixed with happiness, a pinch of excitement and droplets of disgustedness (is that a word? Assistant, look that one up for me) and little bits of aggravated chunks--which makes for a hearty cookie.

I've had the chills all day. I baked myself on the lawn chair this afternoon.

Didn't help.

So I took everything out of my office, cleaned it, rearranged it (thanks Chup) put it back together, had a burrito.

Didn't help.

What is it? What is wrong with me?

And I have been reverting back to very crazy child-like behavior lately (don't make me discuss) which is constantly being pulled out of my subconscious card catalog to be analyzed and mentally exercised.

'Cept I can't explain it.

And the worst part about this post is that my awesome family is going to read it and beg the question,

"What was all of that about?"

But I will tell you this, I attended Kentucky's End of Cancer Treatment party last night in a large residence in Draper. The whole experience just felt so darn good. Though Chup and MD both rolled their eyes at me from across the room (and, at the same time) when I told a self-made joke to Kentucky's helpful Relief Society President. And they rolled their eyes at me when I introduced a brother to his own sister (we had only just met) oh and when I cornered Kentucky's Dentist Father about the correlation of bleeding gums and menstrual cycles. And then we had to leave early because Chup got a might huge headache from eye rolling.

Sometime posts aren't made to make sense.

That's all.


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