Donde Esta c jane?

I am guest blogging somewhere today...though I shant reveal where until it is officially posted. Anybody want to guess my location?

(Did you think I was swearing when I typed shant? Grow up! It's the very proper British-esque way of saying "won't/shouldn't". They also say "Cheerio!")

Speaking of Brits we were in line with one Londoner yesterday at Bajio. He was most jolly though he didn't share my love of Hob Nobs. Later, whilst (another British-esque word in my vocabulary suitcase) enjoying my beans and rice, we ran into my favorite Mormon Director. He so graciously took my hand tenderly, to say hello, and inquire about my general welfare. But he was surely disturbed to see some left-over pepper on the top of my front tooth, which Chup spotted later in the car. (Did I just kill my chances at playing Wife 17 in the upcoming "Brigham's Story"?) Anyway, it wasn't Richard Dutcher, in case you were wondering. He is my favorite former Mormon Director. It all gets so complicated...

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