A recent get together chez moi.
Around the table we go: Starting with me, ~J, Sue-donym, Azucar, Anne, Haley

Last week Azucar e-mailed me with a request. Saith her "I need you to tell me which of my posts is your favorite." I am a loyal fan of ====The Jet Set and read all of her luxurious posts, but there is one post that produces a laugh out loud every single time.
This is it.

Then yesterday, when all of my troubles seemed so far away, she has the nerve to post this.

Now which one is my favorite?

I will always love this one from Formerly Phread/~J.

And as this is Saint Patrick's Day weekend I want to link this one from Bek which, to this day, makes me laugh. Chup and I still whisper "hiiii" in each other's ears for fun (we do other things for fun, I just haven't made you privy to that information. Perv.)

Also for your weekend pleasure look what Haley found. I watch to this diddy four-to-five times a day. When he sings "So I tried a little Freddie" and then goes "mmmm" and his nostrils flair just a little, I melt all over my keyboard and Chup has to yell, "Are you watching that video AGAIN?"

Amuse me. Honor your friends. Post me your favorite blogging links.
(you can cut and paste urls in my comments.)

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