Re: My Spring Break Thus Far

First of all, I loved reading every comment about my previous post. I am not sure, but I think that maybe, the new nickname for Polygamy is P -and it started right here on the C Jane's Enjoy It

P provided an interesting topic didn't it? At least we all can profess that the gospel is truth.

Now, on to more pressing matters.

My spring break.

Emily, I am not yet in the AZ. Next Wednesday we are to depart. I say that with all confidence even though EVERYTIME I want to vacation with my Pirate whom I am calling Professor these days (for constantly reminding me that a nod=yes and a shake=no and I say whatever...) gets a call from his agency sending him on some audition where he can't shave or cut his hair for a season. Which is happens to be the current state of my husbands hairiness.

Today I woke up all grumpy. We sacrificed 12 hours of our life last night watching Memoirs of a Geisha. That movie too longa! Professor kept clicking his tongue at the Chinese actors and their no good Japanese accenta. I read the book and loved it. Watching the movie I was more like, whatever, high class prostitutes, stay away from my Professor!

And your sake too!

Whenever we go to SF my favorite city on this planet (sorry Twin Falls) we spend 208 hours in Japantown because Professor loves to try out every calligraphy pen in every stationery store. One time I surprised him and got a hotel room in Japantown which is the moment he decided that if we got married and he would be happy (even though we were already married...)

To combat my morning depressive state we went to breakfast and had pancakes and french toast and freshly squeezed orange juice. Professor ran into a fellow actor, but if I wasn't so PC I would call her an actress. I had not met her before, but I had seen her in everything and she was lovely and nice. So much so that after she left our table I had to say,

"Do you wish you could've married her instead of this?" Pointing to my brain which sometimes comes up with kooky ideas and carp.

And the Professor said something about P and laughed.

So I made him take me shopping. I might as well get all the shopping in while I am the only wife/ geisha around here.

P.S. Now it's Jessica. Help me, I am starting on my eyebrows. I don't just seems like something is missing...

P.S.S Have you seen the Brittney statue? What do ya'll think?

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