That Orange Looks Delicious...So What?

Don't you think it was really rude of my sister to blog on and on about her trip to Arizona? I mean especially because I have a very serious disease.
Cabin fever.
When I got home from work today my seratonin was just a memory. And I checked her blog and she posted another picture! Something about citrus in February.
It was so rude!
She knows I have cabin fever!

Dear Stephanie,
This is a picture of the most lovely jade bracelet that Page brought me back from China.
What? She didn't get you one?
Oh! (pretended uncomfortable laugh) I am sorry that I even posted it!
Your BAD "A" Sister

But back to my cabin fever...

Here are my symptoms:
  • Yesterday I wore my swimming suit around the house as I vacuumed. And the thing is, we have hard wood floors! I was vacuuming hard wood floors!
  • I have every Olympic commercial memorized. I know what life takes, Visa.
  • Stephanie's blog makes me feel bad.
  • I started wondering what my natural hair color actually looks like! (I'm not really, it's true, I'm not.)
  • Someone gave me a link to another blog and in the first paragraph of this "highly referred" blog the author used "LOL" and I was done. I almost lost my composure. Don't do LOL, just don't type that. Certainly not while I am battling cabin fever. And not when the Chuch is trying to recover from major foot surgery. It's rude.
  • Christopher stole all of the Valentine's candy that my students gave me. Sure, he left the notes that said "Mrs. K, Scooby Doo loves you! Won't you be mine?" something. I don't teach Scooby Doo! Isn't that weird?
  • My friend Amber is having triplets. It really hurts my feelings. I mean three at once? Doesn't any one care about me? Maybe I should petition Amber into giving me at least one! I mean she won't miss one, right? We sent my little sister to Russia for a year and my mom didn't even notice until Christmas. Christmas!
  • That little sister was NOT Stephanie because Stephanie is CLEARLY the favorite.
  • That hurts my feelings too.

MD what should I do for my cabin fever? Don't tell me to stop watching the Olympics because I can't. Don't tell me Prozac, Wellbutrin or Zoloft because didn't work, didn't work and turned me into a flibberty gibbet. And please don't tell me to stop reading my sisters blog.

It's my favorite.

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