It's A Dali, Dolly

Tamara sends us nude photos every Valentines day. They are gorgeous. One year she was standing on a cliff over the ocean, barely covered in miles of billowy red fabric which flowed over the rocks.
There was also the time that she was Lady Godiva, naked, on a horse with yards of red wavy hair spilling down her body.
I don't know Tamara. She is a camera friend of The Pirate Christopher. But as you can imagine, I feel like I know her. I know her tattoos for sure. And because there are little updates on her life attached to her brilliant photos I know what she likes to eat, and how her career is going (well, thanks for asking...)
As a tribute to Tamara I asked The Pirate to take some Valentines photos of me this year, perhaps to show Tamara my affection for her ideas and creativity. So I got out my red silk sheets that my mom gave me after I got home from my mission. (Nothing says "Welcome Home Sister! Now Get Yourself Married!" more than red silk sheets.)
After we took the (not nude, cause I'm in with the modest crowd) (did I just disappoint you?) photos we came back to The Pirate's room to look at them on his monitor. We were shocked. I mean I know it's a risk to be doing this, (and that is the kind of girl I am. RISQUE!) but I will present my Valentine Tribute To Tamara:

Somehow I think Tamara would be more scared than flattered. Because WHAT AM I DOING? and also, WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN MY NEW CHURCH? We worship Amelie...and Tamara.
...and Beelzebub.

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