Soul Gratification

I have long since said that there are 2 types of people on this earth, soul gratifiers -those who derive the most pleasure from feeding their soul, and soul deniers -those who take great comfort in self-denial. On any given day I am a grand stand member of the later. But some days, especially when in survival mode, I slip easily into soul gratification. It's quite effortless, actually (if I can manage to ignore the pricks of guilt felt during those days.)
Today I knew that I was having a self gratification day when I walked into school and decided to take it easy on my students. Take it easy on my students what? That just doesn't happen, I am usually the Iron Lady when it comes to teaching. Well, at least that is what I hope my students call me at recess.
I took a pretty long lunch too. Christopher and I headed to the El Azteca. Christopher is in Class A of Soul Gratification, but when he sees that I am visiting his camp, he seems to take advantage. He had Dr. Pepper and called it "The Sweet Nectar of Satan" and I didn't give him my normal dirty look and otherwise pointed comments about how "Satan's Nectar" is making us incapable of reproduction.
On a hot tip from the worlds most F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S friend, Leslie, we went to a little spot in Orem called Eliane's French Bakery to indulge my soul a bit more. She had read my blog about pumpkin pie and felt sorry for my pathetic grocery store binge. That very day she shot off an e-mail suggesting, even, begging me to go to this bakery for the delightful pumpkin tart.
When we got there however, my instant gratification was derailed as they were "short on one pastry chef" and the pumpkin tarts "were not made yet" and so I had to resort to a pear tart with almond sauce. I was almost okay with that because, after one bite of the darling, I had to ask Christopher HOW I DIED AND GOT TO HEAVEN. And he couldn't respond because he was having love with his strawberry tart.
Back at school I had the most gratifying teacher's moment, and unfortunately it is not when a student's light bulb goes on in his head making him come to an understanding that the world really does not revolve around him. Although, that is always pleasant, because it creates for less story telling and one-up-man-ship in the classroom. No, my most happiest moments are these:
ME: Biographies are very important because they Don't lean back on your chair Natalie give us a glimpse into another person's life. In fact Don't lean back on your chair Natalie some of the world's most famous books are actually Don't lean back on your chair Natalie biographies! Take for instance SLLLLLIDE CRASH. Natalie is on her back on the floor. Eyes looking extremely confused and a bit googley. Face, red. I am always amazed at how confused they look, like what just happened to me? This is when I get a feeling inside of me that says, You were right Mrs. K and now Natalie knows it. I am the Iron Lady teacher that knows everything in this whole UNIVERSE! Waahhahahhahah (that is an evil laugh).
This evening was my first big night as Young Women President, the ever-enjoyable Evening of Excellence where the girls get to display all the great projects that they have done in the year. I have been nervous for weeks about it, for many reasons. Tonight it would be over, I kept thinking as I drove to the church. Which is when I saw one of my Beehives with one of my Laurels leaving the church to drive home for a quick second before it started. Which is when I watched them drive down the street and get hit by another car. Which is when I started running down the street to make sure that they were okay. Which is when I saw that they were okay. Which is when I saw the most craziest people in my life come out of their homes in droves to ask "Was you hurt? Was you breathing in the air bag powder?" Which was their big moment of herodom, taking a break from watching CSI to live CSI, only that they were taking it way too seriously. Which is when 4 fire trucks, 3 police cars and an ambulance all showed up on the scene. Which seemed excessive considering the situation. Which is when I thought, this night is ruined.
We started fifteen minutes late. The YW not involved in the crash were all shaken up because the glare of all the rescue lights from down the street were hard to miss. It looked far worse than it was -that is the way it goes. But to my great amazement, the wreck made for emotions to peak, and the spirit was intense the whole evening. I was pleased, the bishop was pleased and we didn't keep the stake leaders too long.
When I got home Christopher had a congratulatory prize for me for an evening well-done. After I recounted the night's events he told me to look in the fridge. There, in a white bakery box, was an Eliane's French Bakery pumpkin tart. Soul Gratified. Very, very gratified.

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