Please Read With A Cup Of Cider

This weekend was uneventful really, until I wore my Young Woman Personal Progress medallion to church today. I stumbled upon this gem as I was frantically searching in my cedar chest for a quilt I made when I was a Beehive. It is a denim quilt with enough batting to save a freezing soldier in the Confederate Army. My handsome brother Matt allowed me to cut up his hot red Levi's which added a perfect splash of colour to anotherwise boring denim quilt. This is something that a Confederate Soldier would have appreciated as well.
Southern Accent "M'am, I am a soldier in a dyyyyin' army, but this here red denim brings cheer to my soul." And then he keels over and dies.
I wrote the word color like this: colour in the first paragraph. That is because my sister serving a mission in England laments about the fact that I never blog about her. I say, Sister C-dogg, when do you have time to read my blogs? Quit reading my blogs and start saving more souls! Then I say, would you like to read my latest book entitled Flirt to Convert: One Sister's Journey In the Frozen Tundra We Call Canada And How She Melted Hearts One Smile At A Time. But anyway, the least I could do is to write some of my words like she sees them in England.
I didn't find the aforetoabovemetioned quilt, which is a worry in and of itself, but I did find my Personal Progress medallion that I EARNED when I was 18. Upon receiving the necklace I was proud of myself, but also bummed because I knew I would never wear it. It was gold, and gold was icky and Utah County girls just didn't wear them -not that I knew of at least. Now, of course, the medallion comes in a more practical silver which I suspect is more popular with Gen Y or whatever we are calling them these days. My badge of honor has sat in that cedar chest, being bounced around from my U of U apartment, to Fir Avenue, to this place where I live now, Double Wide Centrale.
Boy am I chatty tonight.
Imagine my excitement, please, when upon opening the jewelry box this morning I was amazed at how time had made that medallion cool to wear! (I may have thought the word sweet!) Luckily it picked right up on the gold tones in my green suit that I was wearing to church today.
I went to a meeting this morning and the second counselor in our bishopric was first to notice.
"Sister K has her medallion on today!" Which introduced a new topic, in which he told me (because he knows everything) that my idol Linda Sullivan, actually designed them. Adding to my joy was that I KNOW the person who designed the YW medallions. She is my idol and I think I mentioned that already.
The YW at church were fascinated. They asked if it was an antique (the emblems have actually changed in the last few years, but an antique? Come on.)
My neighbor, who is beginning to have interest in the YW organization, although she is not a baptized member, played with it while I talked to her grandma.
"You can have one too," I said. Her eyes got wide. I explained Personal Progress to her as she rubbed her fingers over the cast of a Billowing Young Woman of Potential and Joy. My medallion apparently does missionary work.
Well, I have a few other instances to tell you about my medallion today but I am tired. If you were a Confederate Soldier you might ask for a few more stories, just to pass the time.
Sorry soldier, maybe the next time we cross paths... but that, only fate will decide.

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