Lani, You Cursed Me

"My definition of hell is having a simple head cold that never goes away." -Lani W.
She wrote this to me via e-mail only a few days ago. And honestly, I thought, I am so glad I never get colds anymore now that I don't consume dairy.
And that is when The Gods Of Disease and Viruses decided that because of my pride, my healthy streak must come to a dramatic end.
They cursed me with a cold that goes far and beyond the word "simple".
It is a train wreck.
A bio hazard clean up.
I am questioning my desire to be a living organism.
I can't taste.
I can't breathe.
I ache at every turn in my body.
My inner ears itch.
My voice is sometimes mucus tainted. Sometimes raspy. Sometimes gone.
I wear my pajamas.
I climb into bed.
(CK gave me a bell to ring.)
I eat whatever I want (MORE FRIES!!!)
I take hot showers and warm baths every couple hours.
And most of all, I call my Mom and listen to her empathy.
I really love that. She's good at that.
Maybe I will start eating dairy again.
(Maybe this is how Satan leads his followers slowly but oh-so carefully down to hell.)

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